The thing about “Love”

Love. Now what is love? It’s a lot common these days no? We get to hear it every now and then. But again it has a trillion meanings considering everyone has a different definition for it. Let me share my version of “Love”.                                                                                                                                                    “Love is like an ideal Carnot’s engine.”

Well if you’re not a physics’ student which unfortunately I am, let me explain it to you. Carnot’s engine is basically an idealization of a system which gives the highest working efficiency that no other heat engine is said to give. So there is no such Carnot’s engine in reality but yeah whoever made this has somehow made it very clear that the efficiency of the real engine is always less than the ideal Carnot’s engine.

                                                                                               So now you’ll be thinking what did you do to earn this boring speech about this engine which doesn’t even connect to the L of love. My dear readers, I shall tell you what the connection is.

   See we always regard love as one of the most royal feelings in the universe. It’s magical, promising, heart melting, enchanting, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse, nutella,…………err you get the point right? Yes, so it’s that serious dude! <- Said no one ever xD Anyways coming back to the point, love is a no nonsense perfect word and yet every other person you meet seems to be in love. That cannot be right can it? Of course not! because we are human beings. We are flawed. We make mistakes, repent them and then do them again in a different manner. But this particular word catches attention. Everyone wants to be in love for at least once in a lifetime overlooking the major difference in what it demands from you and what you give it back in return.

                                                                      So we are the practical real systems and the word ‘love’ is a Carnot’s engine. It’s there and everyone knows about it and its highest working efficiency but it also doesn’t exist. What exists is us and our capabilities. So this true love or better if I say love (no offense to all the love birds out there :3) isn’t actually there to it’s fullest. It’s just you and what you do with your opportunities. So if you’re out there in search of that once in a lifetime love, you’ll find your way back to where you started my friend. So make yourself a bit more determined and don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect as some of us find whatever they need in a person right away and some of us are slightly bent in such conditions. But whatever the situation is, it is you and only you to overcome all your fears and to give everything to the one who deserves your heart and is equally trying to be with you because there is no limit for love. Set your own limits and break them and find happiness in what you have and what you achieved over the time.

                                                                           Now that's something real :')                                                                                                                       So the bottom line is, I don’t think there is any such thing as perfect love. The word itself is perfect and we being such clumsy souls have our own thoughts. Some people may find their peak point of love in a diamond necklace whereas for some a simple heart warming hug is love.

                                                                                                                                                                            And then of course there are people who are so cute together to the point of being extremely annoying. Yeah sometimes I can’t seem to process all the diabetic names they give to each other. (sweetie pie, honey, sugar lips, etc) I mean that’s a whole new level of unhealthy sweetness bro ._. And so they say they’ve found their one true love. Well, I’m happy for all of ya niggas! :p

                                                           That’s what I think about it. Well at least for a 17 year old I think I’m doing okay. Besides, you people got to know about Carnot’s engine too mayn! xD I mean how cool is that? xD I’ll tell you. It’s not cool at all ._. HAHAHHAHA Till the next time!



  1. Megirly · April 17, 2016

    Great blog💕

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