A Techno-less World

So not having my mobile with me since these past few days made me realize how weird reality is and how worthless I feel without my brick sized phone :’) Because apparently

We live in an era where our gadgets are actually more valued than our own existence.


So may you break your bone instead of breaking your iphone :’)

Moving on, there are a lot of pros and cons of not having your life, your chocolate fudge cake… err yes your phone actually. As my weird desperation might’ve already hinted, I’m clearly looking at the cons right now. Good or bad but life surely changes. My whole routine has somersaulted.

It’s that point in your life where you start missing that stupid morning alarm with an extra loud crappy alarm tone at 6 in the morning. SAD OKAY. Even if you had absolutely nothing to do on your phone, you’d still unlock it 201 times an hour just to swipe through the apps and check if everything’s okay. Well, what do you know maybe it gets lonely ._. I don’t remember keeping my phone charged though. Battery always displayed a dying 15% or 20%. The funny thing is, it was always plugged in. Always. What’s your favorite spot to sit? That little edge nscumbag-phone-battery_o_1001877ear the cupboard switch where my phone gets charged. Now? Yeah i discovered we have really nice sofas I swear! I admit it could win the worst battery award of the year or smth but still it is what it is and it’s NOT THERE *sobs*.

Not only I noticed the lack of having it in my hands all the time, I noticed I need it for some of the useful things as well. Like the other day I was reading this book filled with words that seemed to be Latin but were actually English so I had to clean my bookshelf… so that i could search for ‘The Oxford Dictionary’…so i could brush the dust off it….so I could go through my abc and reach the milestone of searching up for a word that had a more complex word as a meaning :)))) nope just 2.5 hours only :’) ONLY.


Now this is a selfie *pouts*

What else do you miss in a phone hmm.. oh yes! though I’m not ‘self obsessed’ (Thank Heavens!) but being girls you’re given a 0.5% of that naturally. Which connects us directly to….Selfies. I look in the mirror for 5 minutes and see the same face it was 5 minutes ago so honestly, what’s the point of clicking 101 selfies when you’ll end up deleting all of them except the one that your paranoid self believes is so pretty it resembles Anjelina Jolie. Jk no one is that pretty. You’re ugly you hooman x’D But don’t worry. They have instagram for a reason. Filter the Jennifer Lopez out of you :’) Jokes apart, you’d still look pretty amazing despite a million likes or hits. Believe you’re pretty? You are. Just don’t show off to the point where someone has to tape your mouth for being too cute :’)

So consequently my ‘social life’ too experienced a change. With a group of people busy c5bd0e30e05f0c2e72ef38a85908491bgossiping you just sit there like a penguin nodding and giving fake smiles :’) Because you were so immersed in your phones you don’t really go well with the gossiping session :”) Also since this smartphone fever is taking over the galaxy, everyone around is usually scrolling through their own phones when sitting together and you see a reflection of what you look like in front of others. And tbh, that looks rude. At that point you just want to set fire to the next person :’) So you realize that almost all of your 206 friends on facebook will continue doing what they do with or without your existence except those few awesome people who irritate you 24/7. *Three cheers for my awesome people*

The bottom line is that we’re actually phone addicted freaks turning into emotionless puppets. Now I’d love to say that go out and enjoy nature bleh bleh bleh but the thing is, I too need my phone back :’) And I’d probably do all the things I find weird right now AGAIN. Just try not to do that a lot so you know you have a life that is beautiful, precious, bleh bleh MY PHONE ;-;



  1. fuzzyideasblog · April 15, 2016

    This is entirely true. Our electronic gadgets have brainwashed us. Its basically controlling our life, we get notifications as ‘frequent wake up/see your phone alarms’ and it has taught us how to kill time. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • areebaimran · April 16, 2016

      How true. And we’ve let these mindless things to invade our whole lives *rolls eyes*

      Liked by 1 person

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