New Boredom Speech

Nothing in this world is as complex as we eventually make it. Maybe we’re just so used to having complications that we actually feel uncomfortable without them. Besides, what’s life without a little adventure eh? We, the adventurous Paki-land people :’)

I guess we’re so lost in aiming for greater things that we overlook those little moments that take place in between. And after some time when you’re sitting alone all it takes is a single second to bring back all the things you took for granted. You see yourself in a group of friends sharing a hearty laugh wondering how you thought it would always be there. Your fingers start drumming on a song that was your all time jam. You smile and shake your head at some teenagers confessing how they’ll go on forever *Plays Titanic’s theme song* 😂

Then you crave for another chance to go back to the time where you were stupid as anything and where you made decisions not thinking of the consequences. Where you were much more original.

I think we leave a bit of ourselves in everything we love which makes us remember the golden times. I also think that too many things are left unsaid. Like what :’) you saving all the good things for the other one to hear on his funeral? :’) I admit it’s hard to be nice (just saying to make you feel better 😂) . No one’s nice. But what good those grudges do to you anyway? I hear people saying it’s too late to mend things. It’s never too late. The only day it’ll be too late is the day you die. So forgiving and forgetting is a lesson to be a learned by all. Not just for others but for yourself too. Very few of us have the ability to see the positivity in someone instead of picking out the flaws but you’re not perfect. Neither am I. So that doesn’t exactly give us the authority to judge one another does it? Thus it’s better to reach out to someone until they become a distant memory.

“One of the hardest things you will ever have to do my dear is to grieve the loss a person who is still alive.”

Remember that a sorry weighs more than all the ego and anger building up inside. And most importantly love outwins hatred. Try putting someone else’s wishes before yours. Being a badass is way too easy and mainstream tbh. As funny as this sounds, breaking stereotypes has evolved from being an utterly mean person to being a goody two shoes. So try making someone smile. Do favours without expecting anything in return.  Maybe you’ll find inner peace after all mhm.


I’m highly aware of the points not being completely connected( title says it all :’)) but these are basically my jumbled up thoughts right now. So yeah deal with it 😂 Also, Khalid Hosseni is such a sentimental writer dude so I’d suggest reading his publishings when you’re already depressed with life 😭 Adios ✌️



  1. fuzzyideasblog · April 15, 2016

    Your thoughts are simply amazing. And the way you’ve put the ‘mostly ignored’ facts together, is absolutely inspiring. I agree with what you’ve mentioned and am moved especially with your quote. 🙂 Wishing to read more of your writings, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • areebaimran · April 16, 2016

      This means a lot coming from you my friend, thankyou! :’) Cheers to this new wordpress fam 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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