Before I turn 18

I still have a few days before I turn 18 actually. Before my birthday every year I start having these weird hallucinations. I go through a mental recap of how I spent my previous year. And so this year too brings memories. My year was somewhat overwhelming. There was a bit too much of emotions, raw passion, high school drama and idk maybe some sensibility too. These days I mostly experience pangs of nostalgia. Yeah it feels like I’m homesick for some place that wasn’t even there. Maybe it’s just about leaving college. I’ll miss that place. I’ll miss my people too. Everyone’s headed off to their own destinations. Most importantly I’ll miss myself.

Apart my amusing leetle world, :3 there were other quite happening things too. Some of them areeeee..

  • The New Snapchat Filter *wuff wuff*

I’m not a keen snapchat user though the world is probably nuts about it. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with clicking and posting every single minute. More than living in the moment, we choose to live inside the click of a camera. Yes, I’d rather tell Nazia, Shazia and whatnots about my melting lava cake before I even admire the beauty :’) Not that I’m complaining, I take selfies too (Did i mention I look ah-mazing? 😎) haha anyways I’m not that obsessed with myself so yes not a freak just as yet.

This was fine till now. Filters were annoying but bearable. People having gauging eyes, fake tear implants, that zombie filter, face swaps and that rainbow puking ._. Yeah what do we care about people barfing out rainbows meh. PS (that was weird. v weird). But apparently a new  filter has gone viral. A DOGGY FILTER YAAS. I mean being a dog lover is one thing okay but being a dog is another. Geddit? For the sake of them furry creatures staap people staap 😨 Yes let the snouts and ears belong to the ones who originally inherited it. Deal with your own nosy senses.

  • Mankind Ainjal

Yea.. No okay NEXT PLISS.

  • Nescafe Basement S4!

*High-pitched scream* YESSS! Head over heels in love with season 4 honestly. The remakes are absolutely top notch. My personal favourites include: Tere Jeya Hor Disda, Tu Mera Nahi, Love me again( This ❀ ), Forever, Mein Hoon. I wish I had an audible voice though*sighs*. Sometimes I barely hear my own self πŸ˜‚ Anywayss yes this is my jam rn.

  • Jeans with Knee Slits

I’ve observed this new trend going on about slitting your skin tight jeans right on the knees. So okay I guess we don’t need a why how or what on this one. I’ve seen guys wearing rugged jeans and honestly I find it odd too but ohkay yes everyone has a heart. You can wear torn rags noone minds ok. But seeing girls doing such stuff is like uhh whatareyoudoin sista 😨 That is just plain creepy. This is my personal opinion so yes please don’t take it to heart pliss πŸ˜‚ But yes, not sexy nuhuh. Or maybe I just don’t have nice knees okay πŸ˜‚

  • Cake-up. Oh sorry Make-up!

We all (not me) have been trying so hard to master our contouring skills this year. Well, I haven’t been trying because I don’t really have the time otherwise I’d be right with you ladies :’) So yeah I usually cover it up by “Huh I’m already pretty. No need no makeup”πŸ˜‚Β  Tho I never miss that pointed wing on my liner. NEVER. That’s the only thing that I know how to do :’) But about contouring… it makes you look so different. The fat faces look slimmer. The long faces look round. Is there anything that we haven’t invented? :’) The bottomline is that whatever we do to make ourselves pretty, we should always know that we’re pretty as we are. We should also know that make up shouldn’t look made up :’)) Yes, that’s a face. Treat it like a face.

Can’t think of more cliches at the moment :p So yass been through 18 years already and time’s ticking. Pressure building up everyday. Haha the one who didn’t even know what to wear the next day has to make life decisions. But hopefully it’s just a phase. I’ll make myself a bit more determined for adulthood I guess? hmm.

And to the one person who’s forever love, I hope you become what you’ve always dreamed of. I hope you smile the same way that makes your eyes barely visible. I hope your laughter fills the empty space. I hope the brown in your eyes is as fiery as ever. I hope that you forgive me too somehow. I hope that you remember only the good times and erase the bad ones. Most of all I hope you remember me. I will forever be right next you.

Sighs yeah whatever. So yep. 18th it is. *dances alone in the rain*. Signing off my 17th. Farewell People 😒


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