We age up another year

Hey everyone. Hi *waves*. (ps: This ain’t a proper article ok but well I kinda wanted to write for this day). So I hope all of you are well and I hope you have high hopes for 2017 yes. As for 2016, hmm… I wish i had a neuralyzer like the one they used in MiB series to just whoosh up most of our memories. But again I wouldn’t want to do that because woah bruh there were some MAJOR happenings that I never want to forget. This year was definitely a turning point in my own life. No I still didn’t get a cat, no I haven’t got my driver’s license either and my hair is still lifeless 🙂 But other than that, I’ve become more prone to the changes around me. I’ve learned that it is okay to let go of the things that are not in my control. I’ve learned to have faith in what the future holds for me. I’ve grown more close to my Creator and I’m awed by the amount of love I feel towards everyone just by this one thing. So you know you have to lose yourself completely to really find yourself. There isn’t much time left; better start discovering yourself before our minds shut off never to be opened again. And it’s okay if it isn’t going as you planned. Just pour your heart out regarding whatever you want to achieve. Even if it doesn’t happen, at least you know you tried to the last extent. That is satisfactory enough. Besides how would we know how much something really means to us unless we face obstacles in our journey. Other than that I hope you love to live and live to love. Be more charitable, tolerant, and forgiving. Yup kay. Happy New Year!


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