Review: The End of the World.

As the title might hint to something totally serious about how the world’s gonna end and how we’re all doomed since we’ve watched loads of star-rated movies, this ain’t nothing like that ok. ps iska matlab ye nae ke aap insaan na bnein huh.

Anyways getting to back to the discussion; I had to install this other app in my phone today which got me to Playstore. Instead of looking it up, I was rather attracted to those mini icons which begged me to open them up for once. And I don’t know how but I had already installed three of them. 😂 So, ‘The End of the World’ is actually one of those three android games that I installed. It is more like an interactive video though and trust me I wasn’t disappointed. Even though it’s a one-time thing but since it made an impact I thought I’d share it with you. Soo…. like you geddit right this is the part where you probably wanna leave and check this thing out yourself, but since you might be lazy like me you may continue meh.

There are two sides to every pair of pictures below. The first one is his current world (the grey and dull one) and the second one is a reflection of his past (filled with color). ps he chooses to roam around in his undies at times but we can’t really question that ok you’ll understand why.

*Clears throat*123456789101112131415

From here below he walks through the breaking point161718

He rushes after her, eager to make her stay. But all he’s left with is his memories.192021222324.png

So yeah it was a bit touching idk. Also the background music added such feels I swear. It was somewhat shattering too I mean the way they depicted it. His world loses color. It starts to fall apart with every passing day, each memory attached and every color relived. Everywhere he goes reminds him of something attached to it. And the girl was a source of warmth, source of life who enlightened his soul and made his world a beautiful place. So even though the world, the people, the objects are the same, he does not see it the way she made him see it. I also like the way he’s entering into the oblivion of self realization at the end because he knows that these memories might be all he has to live with and he can’t let go because if he does, everything will come crashing down in an instant and he’ll further be deprived of imagining her face in the sunlight again. So the bottomline is that his part of the world took off never to return again, and he is seeing everything getting destructed only because it is ‘The End of His World’.

So hey. Oh I’m sorry, cout<<“Hey!”;

^You know what this shit is? Congratulations neither do I because programming sucks crie. So I’m studying Computer Sciences right now. Currently in year 1. Aaand life’s not good? or maybe good. Khairr aap sunao yar. For my angraiz friends, Sup bruh. I HAVE TWO UNREAD BOOKS WITH ME YAYAYAYAY. Happiness is real sighs. Anyways looong time yeah. Happens. Ok then see you soon I hope *cheese*.


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