7 Minutes of You

When you die, when your heart beats its last, you have 7 minutes of brain activity left before you give in to the afterlife. 7 minutes to relive your life; supposedly like the best memories saved for the last, before the final goodbye.

7 minutes left:

You got me flowers the first time we met. And you were nervous because you didn’t know whether I’d like tulips or roses. You got me roses when I didn’t like either of them. I loved peonies. Strangely, these roses show a promise to them and I say I love them. Makes you smile, makes me smile. Ever since, roses became my favorite.

6 minutes left:

We had a movie night planned for the weekend. Of course, I got to choose what we’d watch and you agreed right after my sad pouty faces. Worked like a charm. It wasn’t even 5 minutes until the movie had started and you’d slept with your mouth slightly agape. I wasn’t even mad. You looked so adorable. I turned off the movie and snuggled myself with you and that was that.

5 minutes left:

I got sick in the first week of December and had to stay in when I really wanted to go outside and enjoy the snow. You sneaked into my bedroom with two buckets full of snow and we’re destroying the room with snowball fighting. I shamelessly empty half of the bucket in your sweater and you scream with agony while I laugh clenching my stomach.

4 minutes left:

I wore a red dress for the first time and was unsure about the color on me. You walked in and just stood there. I could actually see your pupils dilating slowly and the brown in your eyes hiding behind them. You don’t say anything and just hug me until I feel a teardrop on my shoulder and you whisper ‘I want this woman everyday next to me for the rest of my life’.

3 minutes left:

I’m walking down the aisle; roses in my hands. My happiness reflecting from my cheeks and yours from your cheeky smile.

2 minutes left:

You’re playing dress up with our daughter and she has painted your face pink and there’s laughter and you’re chasing her and it’s all happy all bright.

1 minute left:

Not much consciousness left, it’s blurry it’s fading.. I don’t want to go away without revisiting this. You’ve bring me roses once again which was a lot but this one time when you were humming our song which was always on the radio and you tell me that this couldn’t have gotten any better. That you wouldn’t take it any other way. I lean forward and our foreheads touch. This is love. Right here right at this moment and you’re smiling. I can see it even with my eyes closed and I want to hold onto you forever; let me stay. It’s getting close. ‘I really wanted to say something’, I say. And you say, ‘please do’. And I say that, ‘I really………’


And thankyou for budging me to write dramay. You a nice friend. :’)



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