7 Minutes of You

When you die, when your heart beats its last, you have 7 minutes of brain activity left before you give in to the afterlife. 7 minutes to relive your life; supposedly like the best memories saved for the last, before the final goodbye.

7 minutes left:

You got me flowers the first time we met. And you were nervous because you didn’t know whether I’d like tulips or roses. You got me roses when I didn’t like either of them. I loved peonies. Strangely, these roses show a promise to them and I say I love them. Makes you smile, makes me smile. Ever since, roses became my favorite.

6 minutes left:

We had a movie night planned for the weekend. Of course, I got to choose what we’d watch and you agreed right after my sad pouty faces. Worked like a charm. It wasn’t even 5 minutes until the movie had started and you’d slept with your mouth slightly agape. I wasn’t even mad. You looked so adorable. I turned off the movie and snuggled myself with you and that was that.

5 minutes left:

I got sick in the first week of December and had to stay in when I really wanted to go outside and enjoy the snow. You sneaked into my bedroom with two buckets full of snow and we’re destroying the room with snowball fighting. I shamelessly empty half of the bucket in your sweater and you scream with agony while I laugh clenching my stomach.

4 minutes left:

I wore a red dress for the first time and was unsure about the color on me. You walked in and just stood there. I could actually see your pupils dilating slowly and the brown in your eyes hiding behind them. You don’t say anything and just hug me until I feel a teardrop on my shoulder and you whisper ‘I want this woman everyday next to me for the rest of my life’.

3 minutes left:

I’m walking down the aisle; roses in my hands. My happiness reflecting from my cheeks and yours from your cheeky smile.

2 minutes left:

You’re playing dress up with our daughter and she has painted your face pink and there’s laughter and you’re chasing her and it’s all happy all bright.

1 minute left:

Not much consciousness left, it’s blurry it’s fading.. I don’t want to go away without revisiting this. You’ve bring me roses once again which was a lot but this one time when you were humming our song which was always on the radio and you tell me that this couldn’t have gotten any better. That you wouldn’t take it any other way. I lean forward and our foreheads touch. This is love. Right here right at this moment and you’re smiling. I can see it even with my eyes closed and I want to hold onto you forever; let me stay. It’s getting close. ‘I really wanted to say something’, I say. And you say, ‘please do’. And I say that, ‘I really………’


And thankyou for budging me to write dramay. You a nice friend. :’)


Review: The End of the World.

As the title might hint to something totally serious about how the world’s gonna end and how we’re all doomed since we’ve watched loads of star-rated movies, this ain’t nothing like that ok. ps iska matlab ye nae ke aap insaan na bnein huh.

Anyways getting to back to the discussion; I had to install this other app in my phone today which got me to Playstore. Instead of looking it up, I was rather attracted to those mini icons which begged me to open them up for once. And I don’t know how but I had already installed three of them. 😂 So, ‘The End of the World’ is actually one of those three android games that I installed. It is more like an interactive video though and trust me I wasn’t disappointed. Even though it’s a one-time thing but since it made an impact I thought I’d share it with you. Soo…. like you geddit right this is the part where you probably wanna leave and check this thing out yourself, but since you might be lazy like me you may continue meh.

There are two sides to every pair of pictures below. The first one is his current world (the grey and dull one) and the second one is a reflection of his past (filled with color). ps he chooses to roam around in his undies at times but we can’t really question that ok you’ll understand why.

*Clears throat*123456789101112131415

From here below he walks through the breaking point161718

He rushes after her, eager to make her stay. But all he’s left with is his memories.192021222324.png

So yeah it was a bit touching idk. Also the background music added such feels I swear. It was somewhat shattering too I mean the way they depicted it. His world loses color. It starts to fall apart with every passing day, each memory attached and every color relived. Everywhere he goes reminds him of something attached to it. And the girl was a source of warmth, source of life who enlightened his soul and made his world a beautiful place. So even though the world, the people, the objects are the same, he does not see it the way she made him see it. I also like the way he’s entering into the oblivion of self realization at the end because he knows that these memories might be all he has to live with and he can’t let go because if he does, everything will come crashing down in an instant and he’ll further be deprived of imagining her face in the sunlight again. So the bottomline is that his part of the world took off never to return again, and he is seeing everything getting destructed only because it is ‘The End of His World’.

So hey. Oh I’m sorry, cout<<“Hey!”;

^You know what this shit is? Congratulations neither do I because programming sucks crie. So I’m studying Computer Sciences right now. Currently in year 1. Aaand life’s not good? or maybe good. Khairr aap sunao yar. For my angraiz friends, Sup bruh. I HAVE TWO UNREAD BOOKS WITH ME YAYAYAYAY. Happiness is real sighs. Anyways looong time yeah. Happens. Ok then see you soon I hope *cheese*.

We age up another year

Hey everyone. Hi *waves*. (ps: This ain’t a proper article ok but well I kinda wanted to write for this day). So I hope all of you are well and I hope you have high hopes for 2017 yes. As for 2016, hmm… I wish i had a neuralyzer like the one they used in MiB series to just whoosh up most of our memories. But again I wouldn’t want to do that because woah bruh there were some MAJOR happenings that I never want to forget. This year was definitely a turning point in my own life. No I still didn’t get a cat, no I haven’t got my driver’s license either and my hair is still lifeless 🙂 But other than that, I’ve become more prone to the changes around me. I’ve learned that it is okay to let go of the things that are not in my control. I’ve learned to have faith in what the future holds for me. I’ve grown more close to my Creator and I’m awed by the amount of love I feel towards everyone just by this one thing. So you know you have to lose yourself completely to really find yourself. There isn’t much time left; better start discovering yourself before our minds shut off never to be opened again. And it’s okay if it isn’t going as you planned. Just pour your heart out regarding whatever you want to achieve. Even if it doesn’t happen, at least you know you tried to the last extent. That is satisfactory enough. Besides how would we know how much something really means to us unless we face obstacles in our journey. Other than that I hope you love to live and live to love. Be more charitable, tolerant, and forgiving. Yup kay. Happy New Year!

Before I turn 18

I still have a few days before I turn 18 actually. Before my birthday every year I start having these weird hallucinations. I go through a mental recap of how I spent my previous year. And so this year too brings memories. My year was somewhat overwhelming. There was a bit too much of emotions, raw passion, high school drama and idk maybe some sensibility too. These days I mostly experience pangs of nostalgia. Yeah it feels like I’m homesick for some place that wasn’t even there. Maybe it’s just about leaving college. I’ll miss that place. I’ll miss my people too. Everyone’s headed off to their own destinations. Most importantly I’ll miss myself.

Apart my amusing leetle world, :3 there were other quite happening things too. Some of them areeeee..

  • The New Snapchat Filter *wuff wuff*

I’m not a keen snapchat user though the world is probably nuts about it. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with clicking and posting every single minute. More than living in the moment, we choose to live inside the click of a camera. Yes, I’d rather tell Nazia, Shazia and whatnots about my melting lava cake before I even admire the beauty :’) Not that I’m complaining, I take selfies too (Did i mention I look ah-mazing? 😎) haha anyways I’m not that obsessed with myself so yes not a freak just as yet.

This was fine till now. Filters were annoying but bearable. People having gauging eyes, fake tear implants, that zombie filter, face swaps and that rainbow puking ._. Yeah what do we care about people barfing out rainbows meh. PS (that was weird. v weird). But apparently a new  filter has gone viral. A DOGGY FILTER YAAS. I mean being a dog lover is one thing okay but being a dog is another. Geddit? For the sake of them furry creatures staap people staap 😨 Yes let the snouts and ears belong to the ones who originally inherited it. Deal with your own nosy senses.

  • Mankind Ainjal

Yea.. No okay NEXT PLISS.

  • Nescafe Basement S4!

*High-pitched scream* YESSS! Head over heels in love with season 4 honestly. The remakes are absolutely top notch. My personal favourites include: Tere Jeya Hor Disda, Tu Mera Nahi, Love me again( This ❤ ), Forever, Mein Hoon. I wish I had an audible voice though*sighs*. Sometimes I barely hear my own self 😂 Anywayss yes this is my jam rn.

  • Jeans with Knee Slits

I’ve observed this new trend going on about slitting your skin tight jeans right on the knees. So okay I guess we don’t need a why how or what on this one. I’ve seen guys wearing rugged jeans and honestly I find it odd too but ohkay yes everyone has a heart. You can wear torn rags noone minds ok. But seeing girls doing such stuff is like uhh whatareyoudoin sista 😨 That is just plain creepy. This is my personal opinion so yes please don’t take it to heart pliss 😂 But yes, not sexy nuhuh. Or maybe I just don’t have nice knees okay 😂

  • Cake-up. Oh sorry Make-up!

We all (not me) have been trying so hard to master our contouring skills this year. Well, I haven’t been trying because I don’t really have the time otherwise I’d be right with you ladies :’) So yeah I usually cover it up by “Huh I’m already pretty. No need no makeup”😂  Tho I never miss that pointed wing on my liner. NEVER. That’s the only thing that I know how to do :’) But about contouring… it makes you look so different. The fat faces look slimmer. The long faces look round. Is there anything that we haven’t invented? :’) The bottomline is that whatever we do to make ourselves pretty, we should always know that we’re pretty as we are. We should also know that make up shouldn’t look made up :’)) Yes, that’s a face. Treat it like a face.

Can’t think of more cliches at the moment :p So yass been through 18 years already and time’s ticking. Pressure building up everyday. Haha the one who didn’t even know what to wear the next day has to make life decisions. But hopefully it’s just a phase. I’ll make myself a bit more determined for adulthood I guess? hmm.

And to the one person who’s forever love, I hope you become what you’ve always dreamed of. I hope you smile the same way that makes your eyes barely visible. I hope your laughter fills the empty space. I hope the brown in your eyes is as fiery as ever. I hope that you forgive me too somehow. I hope that you remember only the good times and erase the bad ones. Most of all I hope you remember me. I will forever be right next you.

Sighs yeah whatever. So yep. 18th it is. *dances alone in the rain*. Signing off my 17th. Farewell People 😢

New Boredom Speech

Nothing in this world is as complex as we eventually make it. Maybe we’re just so used to having complications that we actually feel uncomfortable without them. Besides, what’s life without a little adventure eh? We, the adventurous Paki-land people :’)

I guess we’re so lost in aiming for greater things that we overlook those little moments that take place in between. And after some time when you’re sitting alone all it takes is a single second to bring back all the things you took for granted. You see yourself in a group of friends sharing a hearty laugh wondering how you thought it would always be there. Your fingers start drumming on a song that was your all time jam. You smile and shake your head at some teenagers confessing how they’ll go on forever *Plays Titanic’s theme song* 😂

Then you crave for another chance to go back to the time where you were stupid as anything and where you made decisions not thinking of the consequences. Where you were much more original.

I think we leave a bit of ourselves in everything we love which makes us remember the golden times. I also think that too many things are left unsaid. Like what :’) you saving all the good things for the other one to hear on his funeral? :’) I admit it’s hard to be nice (just saying to make you feel better 😂) . No one’s nice. But what good those grudges do to you anyway? I hear people saying it’s too late to mend things. It’s never too late. The only day it’ll be too late is the day you die. So forgiving and forgetting is a lesson to be a learned by all. Not just for others but for yourself too. Very few of us have the ability to see the positivity in someone instead of picking out the flaws but you’re not perfect. Neither am I. So that doesn’t exactly give us the authority to judge one another does it? Thus it’s better to reach out to someone until they become a distant memory.

“One of the hardest things you will ever have to do my dear is to grieve the loss a person who is still alive.”

Remember that a sorry weighs more than all the ego and anger building up inside. And most importantly love outwins hatred. Try putting someone else’s wishes before yours. Being a badass is way too easy and mainstream tbh. As funny as this sounds, breaking stereotypes has evolved from being an utterly mean person to being a goody two shoes. So try making someone smile. Do favours without expecting anything in return.  Maybe you’ll find inner peace after all mhm.


I’m highly aware of the points not being completely connected( title says it all :’)) but these are basically my jumbled up thoughts right now. So yeah deal with it 😂 Also, Khalid Hosseni is such a sentimental writer dude so I’d suggest reading his publishings when you’re already depressed with life 😭 Adios ✌️

A Techno-less World

So not having my mobile with me since these past few days made me realize how weird reality is and how worthless I feel without my brick sized phone :’) Because apparently

We live in an era where our gadgets are actually more valued than our own existence.


So may you break your bone instead of breaking your iphone :’)

Moving on, there are a lot of pros and cons of not having your life, your chocolate fudge cake… err yes your phone actually. As my weird desperation might’ve already hinted, I’m clearly looking at the cons right now. Good or bad but life surely changes. My whole routine has somersaulted.

It’s that point in your life where you start missing that stupid morning alarm with an extra loud crappy alarm tone at 6 in the morning. SAD OKAY. Even if you had absolutely nothing to do on your phone, you’d still unlock it 201 times an hour just to swipe through the apps and check if everything’s okay. Well, what do you know maybe it gets lonely ._. I don’t remember keeping my phone charged though. Battery always displayed a dying 15% or 20%. The funny thing is, it was always plugged in. Always. What’s your favorite spot to sit? That little edge nscumbag-phone-battery_o_1001877ear the cupboard switch where my phone gets charged. Now? Yeah i discovered we have really nice sofas I swear! I admit it could win the worst battery award of the year or smth but still it is what it is and it’s NOT THERE *sobs*.

Not only I noticed the lack of having it in my hands all the time, I noticed I need it for some of the useful things as well. Like the other day I was reading this book filled with words that seemed to be Latin but were actually English so I had to clean my bookshelf… so that i could search for ‘The Oxford Dictionary’…so i could brush the dust off it….so I could go through my abc and reach the milestone of searching up for a word that had a more complex word as a meaning :)))) nope just 2.5 hours only :’) ONLY.


Now this is a selfie *pouts*

What else do you miss in a phone hmm.. oh yes! though I’m not ‘self obsessed’ (Thank Heavens!) but being girls you’re given a 0.5% of that naturally. Which connects us directly to….Selfies. I look in the mirror for 5 minutes and see the same face it was 5 minutes ago so honestly, what’s the point of clicking 101 selfies when you’ll end up deleting all of them except the one that your paranoid self believes is so pretty it resembles Anjelina Jolie. Jk no one is that pretty. You’re ugly you hooman x’D But don’t worry. They have instagram for a reason. Filter the Jennifer Lopez out of you :’) Jokes apart, you’d still look pretty amazing despite a million likes or hits. Believe you’re pretty? You are. Just don’t show off to the point where someone has to tape your mouth for being too cute :’)

So consequently my ‘social life’ too experienced a change. With a group of people busy c5bd0e30e05f0c2e72ef38a85908491bgossiping you just sit there like a penguin nodding and giving fake smiles :’) Because you were so immersed in your phones you don’t really go well with the gossiping session :”) Also since this smartphone fever is taking over the galaxy, everyone around is usually scrolling through their own phones when sitting together and you see a reflection of what you look like in front of others. And tbh, that looks rude. At that point you just want to set fire to the next person :’) So you realize that almost all of your 206 friends on facebook will continue doing what they do with or without your existence except those few awesome people who irritate you 24/7. *Three cheers for my awesome people*

The bottom line is that we’re actually phone addicted freaks turning into emotionless puppets. Now I’d love to say that go out and enjoy nature bleh bleh bleh but the thing is, I too need my phone back :’) And I’d probably do all the things I find weird right now AGAIN. Just try not to do that a lot so you know you have a life that is beautiful, precious, bleh bleh MY PHONE ;-;

The thing about “Love”

Love. Now what is love? It’s a lot common these days no? We get to hear it every now and then. But again it has a trillion meanings considering everyone has a different definition for it. Let me share my version of “Love”.                                                                                                                                                    “Love is like an ideal Carnot’s engine.”

Well if you’re not a physics’ student which unfortunately I am, let me explain it to you. Carnot’s engine is basically an idealization of a system which gives the highest working efficiency that no other heat engine is said to give. So there is no such Carnot’s engine in reality but yeah whoever made this has somehow made it very clear that the efficiency of the real engine is always less than the ideal Carnot’s engine.

                                                                                               So now you’ll be thinking what did you do to earn this boring speech about this engine which doesn’t even connect to the L of love. My dear readers, I shall tell you what the connection is.

   See we always regard love as one of the most royal feelings in the universe. It’s magical, promising, heart melting, enchanting, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse, nutella,…………err you get the point right? Yes, so it’s that serious dude! <- Said no one ever xD Anyways coming back to the point, love is a no nonsense perfect word and yet every other person you meet seems to be in love. That cannot be right can it? Of course not! because we are human beings. We are flawed. We make mistakes, repent them and then do them again in a different manner. But this particular word catches attention. Everyone wants to be in love for at least once in a lifetime overlooking the major difference in what it demands from you and what you give it back in return.

                                                                      So we are the practical real systems and the word ‘love’ is a Carnot’s engine. It’s there and everyone knows about it and its highest working efficiency but it also doesn’t exist. What exists is us and our capabilities. So this true love or better if I say love (no offense to all the love birds out there :3) isn’t actually there to it’s fullest. It’s just you and what you do with your opportunities. So if you’re out there in search of that once in a lifetime love, you’ll find your way back to where you started my friend. So make yourself a bit more determined and don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect as some of us find whatever they need in a person right away and some of us are slightly bent in such conditions. But whatever the situation is, it is you and only you to overcome all your fears and to give everything to the one who deserves your heart and is equally trying to be with you because there is no limit for love. Set your own limits and break them and find happiness in what you have and what you achieved over the time.

                                                                           Now that's something real :')                                                                                                                       So the bottom line is, I don’t think there is any such thing as perfect love. The word itself is perfect and we being such clumsy souls have our own thoughts. Some people may find their peak point of love in a diamond necklace whereas for some a simple heart warming hug is love.

                                                                                                                                                                            And then of course there are people who are so cute together to the point of being extremely annoying. Yeah sometimes I can’t seem to process all the diabetic names they give to each other. (sweetie pie, honey, sugar lips, etc) I mean that’s a whole new level of unhealthy sweetness bro ._. And so they say they’ve found their one true love. Well, I’m happy for all of ya niggas! :p

                                                           That’s what I think about it. Well at least for a 17 year old I think I’m doing okay. Besides, you people got to know about Carnot’s engine too mayn! xD I mean how cool is that? xD I’ll tell you. It’s not cool at all ._. HAHAHHAHA Till the next time!