If I fail..

To be very honest, I don’t even know why we study. I mean alright the literal explanation is to get a degree but when you come to think of it, how does a sheet of paper that you call a degree give you enough evidence that yes, this person knows it all. He completed his years and now he officially holds a degree. If you ask him about that formula in trigonometry by which you find the area with the included angle, will he remember it? huh remember it? he might even deny that he ever studied it. Well, any sane person would I bet. The thing is, I don’t agree with the examination part that they hold at the end of the year to label whether you’re qualified enough to move to the next level. Level? i mean what level? It’s not a freaking game for heaven’s sake its a human mind! It just means that you’re testing his memory skills. Talking about memory skills, I don’t even remember what i wore the day before and you ask me to remember a whole book? sorry not just a book, BOOKS. So in the race of learning it all, where’s the learning? Where’s that fascination of discovering something new? Maybe it’s lost somewhere between

“Don’t you dare step into my house if you fail”


“You cannot fail. Its such a shame”


“If he can, why can’t you?”

This is what most of us go through and believe me, one of these taunts keep on nudging you and it does hurt. So we learn it all, know it on our fingertips without actually knowing what it is. You think your child is a genius getting 95%? He’s just as dumb I’m sorry. He only does this to please you so you can brag around your friends that ‘Yes! he’s my son and i motivated him.’ Motivate? This isn’t called motivation. Oh please don’t ruin the dictionary. You got what you wanted and he lost what he aimed for.

               So you cannot judge your child by his score in a test. We all are unique in our own way. Just let us express our passion and we’ll do wonders. Trust us and connect with us. I sit here typing this with my own tests to prepare for because obviously no one’s good enough to accept me a reputable university for my unusual writing skills filled with sarcasm. ps ( I’ll be highly obliged if anyone does :P) Anyways the point is why not really learn something rather than filling sheets of worthless cra- I mean unnecessary stuff. Everyone’s so busy. So busy finishing high school. So busy graduating. So busy finding career options. So busy making money. So busy to live life. If you guarantee me that at the age of seventy, we’ll look at our framed degrees and smile every minute by this once in a lifetime achievement then sure I’ll do that. Like duh no one remembers that.

                         As for some of you who think where do we find a job then princess? I’ll tell you sir, a job requires a daily simpler mode of inconvenience. You’re told what to do and you have to follow that same routine over and over again. Alright it may require a few courses and know how about stuff but still it won’t require that Rule of Emperors you learned so well in grade 6. Now you’ll be thinking what is this little girl trying to do? Change the educational system because apparently she’s pissed off at maths and history? No sir I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I may not be able to change the system but I’m pointing right at you. Yes you! Look around. What are YOU doing?

                                                                                           Maybe you’ll think before scolding over a test again. If so, my work here is done! ps I really want a good university 😦 HAHAHAHAHA